Business Email & Cloud Computing Package:

You can host your business email on Google's servers and under Google's management using G Suite Package. Following are your key benefits:

  1. Spam-free, virus-free email.
  2. 99.99 % uptime as it is on Google's server.
  3. Amazing suite of software and services for collaboration.
  4. Access your email anytime, anywhere.
  5. Online back-up solution.

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Communication plays a major role in developing a successful business. Whether its internal or external communication, it is essential to send and receive information on a timely basis. Email has been in prevalent use in business for over two decades now and grown to be more convenient form of communication.

Technoware offers business email and cloud computing packages to your business where in you can host your business emails on Google servers and get full access to G Suite. The G Suite powers up the regular Gmail experience with a number of features and functions that will be appreciated within your office and by the customers and clients who receive your sent mail.

It is reckoned that Google servers have 99.99% up-time, which is to say it’s down just 0.1% of the working year – meaning that you can always send and receive important mails without fear of the service failing. It makes it easy to use your own domain name for email interactions which reinforces the brand in a subtle way. Also, the array of other useful features and simple navigation makes it user-friendly and easily accessible across all platforms. It also offers online backup solution to ensure that you don’t miss out on important documents.

The Business Email & Cloud Computing Package is sure to make life easier for you, call us to try 3o day’s free trial.